Individual Patient Education to Optimize Your Health

We pride ourselves on customized care that starts with getting to know our patients individually. By consulting with each of our patients and reviewing medical history, we can better address everyone’s unique medical needs and recommend custom nutritional regiments as well as lifestyle changes to ensure optimal wellness.

No Saying

Exercise Regimen
Lifestyle Practices
Food Program

B.E.N.S.  S.E.L.F. Program

90 Minutes

Speak with Ben Briggs, RPH, CNC, IACP utilizing his custom Practices and Food Program.

Based on a functional medicine approach to meet your unique needs, Ben will employ a whole body system evaluation to optimize your health.

Includes the consultation visit plus one follow-up appointment within 6 to 8 weeks.

Hormone Balance Consultation

60 Minutes

Speak with Ben Briggs, RPH, CNC, IACP or Michael Briggs, PharmD, CNC, ICCT

Evaluate hormone levels, symptomology, family history and medical history to develop a custom hormone replacement therapy regimen.

Gut – Brain – Immune Consultation

60 Minutes

Problems with your Gut, Brain, Immune system?

Consult with Michael Briggs, PharmD, CNC, ICCT to determine if there is a connection with all 3. Evaluation of current symptom presentation, medical history, medication/supplement review, diet & lifestyle practices and blood values to optimize function.

Teen Stress Management

60 Minutes

Consult with Michael Briggs, PharmD, CNC, ICCT to see how nutritional supplements, healthy eating, sleep and lifestyle practices can help manage stress. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Adult Stress Management

60 Minutes

Consult with Michael Briggs, PharmD, CNC, ICCT to see how nutritional supplements, healthy eating, sleep and lifestyle practices can help manage stress.

Supplement Optimization

30 Minutes

Taking too many supplements?

Consult with Michael Briggs, PharmD, CNC, ICCT to review your current supplement regimen to ensure there are no duplications, overdosages, and/or interactions. Determine the best way & time to take your supplements to maximize their effectiveness.


Please follow the three steps listed below in order to schedule a consultation.

Step 1 - Complete Two Questionnaires

Download and Complete the Private Consult Questionnaire and the Gender-Specific Questionnaire.

Lionville Natural Pharmacy has provided 3 unique questionnaires to help provide you with the best possible solutions and service.

Please select from the questionnaires below in PDF format, print, and fill out.

Step 2 - Return the Questionnaires

Return the Questionnaires in one of the following ways:

  1. Scan the completed questionnaires and return via email to
  2. Fax the completed questionnaire to us at 610-363-5707
  3. Mail the completed questionnaire to Lionville Natural Pharmacy, 200 E Uwchlan Ave, Exton, PA 19341.
Step 3 - Pay Deposit and Schedule Appointment

A $50 deposit is required to make an appointment for a consultation (upon completion and return of the Questionnaire Forms).

Please call or visit the pharmacy to pay deposits.

200 E Uwchlan Ave Exton, PA 19341
(610) 363-7474

Detailed Information of the Consultation Process
  • Drop off preliminary paperwork at least 10 days prior to your appointment
    • Forms may be picked up, mailed to you, or downloaded from this page (Step 1)
    • Leave Blank any question that does not apply to you
  • Call to schedule your appointment once forms are completed AND delivered to the pharmacy
  • A $50 deposit is required to schedule a consultation
  • The total cost for initial consultation will be $250
    • 1 follow-up appointment at no charge is included with this fee
  • Initial consultations last 90-120 minutes and follow-ups 30-60 minutes
  • Follow-ups are best scheduled after initial consults
  • Please bring current medications, supplements, & lab tests with you
  • We do not accept insurance for consultations, but can provide forms for submission to them
  • A complete report with instructions will be provided to you at the end of your appointment
  • Refrain from wearing perfumes or fragrances to your appointment as some clients are hypersensitive to the residual aromas
  • Please turn OFF cell phones or electronic devices for your appointment
  • Recording of the session is strictly prohibited
  • Cancellations should be made 48 hours in advance
    • Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the $50.00 deposit fee
  • All information is strictly confidential and will be maintained in a secure storage area according to current HIPAA laws.

A Holistic Approach to Healing

Ben and Michael Briggs are compounding pharmacists, nutritionists and functional medicine practitioners who are committed to patient education and an integrated approach to healthcare.

40 Years Helping People