As a master gland in our body akin to our car’s engine, our thyroid needs the proper blend of fuels for optimal function.  Our purpose today is to introduce the supporting cast that makes this happen.  Iodine is by far one of the most important nutrients when speaking of thyroid function.  Its deficiency is widespread not only in the U.S., but worldwide.  Iodine pairs with the amino acid tyrosine to form multiple types of thyroid hormones like T3 & T4.  Not far behind would be the trace mineral selenium as it helps promote optimal thyroid function and helps our bodies convert inactive T4, into its active form, T3.  T

Thyroid hormone production is an iron-dependent process making iron intake and/or iron deficiency critical to addressing for optimal function.  Zinc, like selenium helps promote thyroid hormone production as well as aid in conversion of T4 to T3.  It’s also important to remember our alphabet when talking about thyroid function as optimal intake of vitamins A, B, & D (in this case) are critical to proper functioning.  Just like most processes in our wonderfully built bodies, it’s all about balance and excessive intake of any of the above mentioned nutrients can also have detrimental effects.  Always discuss thyroid support supplements with a healthcare provider that is knowledgeable in nutritional medicine.

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